Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Depot

For Earth Day, my local Home Depot had these $8 4 packs of energy light bulbs on sale for $.87 per pack. We picked up 30 packs (120 light bulbs).

Value: $239.40
Paid: $33.00

Some of these will be for personal use, the rest I will sell for $3 - $4 a pack.

Rite Aid 4/18

Everlast was BOGO this week, with a BOGO coupon making it two for just tax. Kotex was a money maker after coupon and SCR. Potato chips were a money maker after sale and coupon. Everything else I used a $5/$20 coupon to get for free.

Value: $232.72
Paid: $2.93


Cleaners were $2.99 each. $1 Target coupon and $1 Manu coupon plus on sale made them $.69 each.

Value: $5.98
Paid: $1.70

Not completely free, but we use this on everything especially the counters.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Deal: buy 2 razors, get a $5 gift card - use two $4 Qs to make them $.49 each
Light bulbs were free after Target and Manu Q
Suave deo was free after Q
Degree was .39 each after Q

value: $89.04
Paid: $9.81

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Redhot was free with a get it free coupon. I had 2 $3 Snuggle coupons.

Value: $7.82
Paid: $1.27

Rite Aid 4/11

Contact solution FAR, shave gel was on clearance for $2 and the razor was FAR and coupon. Used one $5/$20Q.

Value: $24.97
Money Maker: $1.34

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kmart Doubles

Kmart Doubles - My Favorite!
16 bags of cat food
3 bottles of All detergent
2 body washes
2 Ice Scrapers (Blue light special for $.62 each!)
1 Shave gel

Value: $114.72
Paid: $17.27

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