Friday, August 13, 2010

Meijer 8/8

Milk was on sale and used coupons to make it free (usually no deals on milk since it's a staple, but since it's a new brand there were actually coupons). The soup was also free. I ended up buying the mac and cheese because all the other items would make me a negative penny each so I needed a filler.

Value: $28.15
Paid: $.71

Rite Aid 8/8

Things are crazy with us buying a house (we move in next Wednesday). So with limited time and the idea that I have to move everything I buy, my RA trip was quick this week for things we needed.

Value: $9.03
Money Maker: $1

Rite Aid 8/1 (and some Walgreens)

I lost this receipt so I'm winging it a bit. Excedrin was .99 each Venus razor was $2, deodorant was .50 each, guy razor was .99. everything else was free or a money maker. used a $5 off $25 at RA and a 15% off q at Wags to make everything cheaper.

Value: $72.60
Paid: $1.00 ish

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rite Aid 7/25

Nivea was $1 money maker per bottle. Toothpaste was free and when I bought $25 worth I earned a $10 gift card. The tape was free. Not pictured is 2 more toothpastes and two more rolls of tape. (Sorry about the fuzzy pics!)

Value: $109.15
Money Maker: $13.50

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