Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rite Aid 1/9/11

Barilla pasta and Special K cereal were free this week. Carefree were on clearance and a small money maker with an Up reward

Value: $47.62
Paid: $.40

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shopping Update 1/13/11

To date I have purchased $9,917.71 worth of stuff and paid $113.67 for all of it. On average, I save 98.8% off of everything I buy.

Rite Aid 12/28/10

I had a moment where I thought I wasn't going to do this any more and just keep track in a book with no pictures. So I'm missing two pictures on this one. I decided to stick to it because I like that visual that all my effort is worth it. Office supplies were buy 2 get a $4 up and the foam things were buy 2 get $5 making them small money makers ( I bought a lot, just not pictured)

EDIT: forgot I earned the Gift of Savings Gift card!

Value: $89.78
Money Maker: $37.46

Rite Aid 12/20/10

Free pens and money making toys/games.Used the extra to buy trash bags.

Value: $66.72
Paid: $.95

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rite Aid 12/12/10

I've gotten lazy, so I'm doing three posts at once. Some things are missing in these posts and I know I lost a receipt. So basically, I did way better than pictured. ;)

Value: $83.06
Money Maker: $8.35

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