Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rite Aid 9/19

Everything was free or a money maker. I had to pay for the toilet paper, but I got 40 double rolls for cheap! All the food was on clearance and coupons made it an awesome deal.

Value: $135.26
Paid: $5.57

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping Update and Rite Aid

Have you been to Rite Aid this week? Don't forget to check out the blogs on the right for great deals this week! I'm again waiting to take a picture because of all the deals. Sneak peek anyone? I got 40 double rolls of Cottonelle and two large boxes of kleenex for $7. Also got free listering, quaker oats, and cheap Zantac. Picture coming soon...when I'm done raiding my local Rite Aid!

To date I have purchased $8,846.10 worth of stuff and paid $147.03 for all of it. On average, I save 98.3% off of everything I buy.

I also did a flea market last weekend and made $270! Flea markets aren't a second income by any means. But they cover the cost of the products I keep for personal use plus the cost of coupons and my gas getting to the store. Well, maybe there is a little profit in there :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rite Aid 9/12/10

Rite Aid was amazing this week. All detergent and bounce dryer sheets were 75% off, with coupons made them super cheap! Everything else was free or a money maker (especially the johnson and johnson products!). It was crazy fun. I took the money I made from the deals to pay for the All and Bounce. I would have had $8 money maker without them.

Value: $398.84
Paid: $4.17

Walgreens 9/12/10

Not nearly as impressive as Rite Aid, but Walgreens had my favorite cold medicine! Nyquil was free after register reward, manu coupon, and walgreens coupon.

Paid: $1.40(tax)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rite Aid This Week!

I'm saving up my picture taking until the end of the week because Rite Aid has so many great deals. You should head over to MyFaveDeals and check them out!

Rite Aid 9/5/10

Where have I been? I have not been couponing over a month, which is almost sad. My husband and I finally moved into our new house and between setting everything up and the house warming party, it's been crazy. So, I stopped by Rite Aid long enough to grab the stuff I know I would soap :) Free after coupon!

Value: $7
Paid: $.45

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