Monday, June 28, 2010

Rite Aid 6/27

John Frieda is the deal of the week! 4 for $20 and get a $10 Up Reward. Use coupons (either $3 off the Root Awakening of $2 off any JF, also an internet $2.50 off any) and the $5/$20 coupon to make a transaction of 4 into a money maker! Toothpaste was also free after SCR.

Value: $454.94
Money maker: $57.14


My Favorite Deals Blog said...

I've only made one trip this week and got four JF shampoos/conditioners.

What do you sell these for? They go quick at my sale for $2 which I think is fair, especially when I get paid to take them!

Melissa1143 said...

I'm not sure what to sell them at. I think my stuff is slow to move because I price it to high for the area. I can't move a fusion at $5 or any other kind of razor at $4. I guess I'll start at $2 with these since I have so many and don't want to be hauling all of them.

FPN said...

Great job! I don't think you are training any more!

Melissa1143 said...


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