Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rite Aid 5/1/11

Went crazy this week at Rite Aid. Took one pic because I thought I was done, but I couldn't help myself and did another run. Revlon files were a huge money maker. Razors were free. Paid $12.90 for all of the batteries. Hair color, shoe inserts, fixodent, and breathe right was free. used lots of $3/$15 to make everything even better.

Value: 407.11
Money Maker: 16.68


Anonymous said...

How many accounts do you have? Did you get revlon ups more than four times?
How many papers should I order to coupon like you?

Melissa1143 said...

I only have one account. I have a friend who HATES coupons that I let use my extra tab so she can get 20% off. I asked to borrow one of her tabs in return. This is my first week using it, and it will be used sparingly in the future since I only shop at one RA. I borrowed an additional tab from my mom who got a part of the stash (5 packs of batteries!) so I figure that one is like shopping for her (my store is aware of this). I usually get about 4 papers, more if I know there are good coupons inside. My work also has a coupon basket that I can dig through to get extras - like the razor coupons.

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